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Black Star Ceramics

Illumination Sphere - Rhapsody in Blue - Tea Light


Each 6 inch illumination sphere is hand created and unique. Lit from inside by a tea light which casts a gentle glow through the patterned holes and glass base.

The open design of this sphere allows for the use of real tea lights*. The tea light is placed onto the glass base (included) and the sphere placed over it. 

If the one you like has been sold you can simply contact us to commission one with the pattern and glaze you like.

Illumination spheres have been designed and created from start to finish by Black Star Ceramics using traditional ceramic techniques. They are made individually by hand. This is your opportunity to purchase a truly original piece of art to light up your home.

 For worldwide postage costs, please email blackstarceramics@outlook.com

*Please be careful with tea lights; open flames are a fire risk anywhere in the home. Do not touch the sphere while the tea light is lit and allow the sphere to cool after the tea light is extinguished as it may become hot while in use. 

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